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Uniden scanners

Uniden scanners

Uniden scanners

Uniden scanners are electronic devices that are used for monitoring and receiving radio communications. They are designed to scan multiple channels and frequencies, allowing users to listen in on various types of radio transmissions. Uniden scanners are commonly used by professionals in fields such as law enforcement, emergency services, aviation, and amateur radio. These scanners offer a wide range of features, including the ability to store and program channels, search for active frequencies, and even decode certain types of digital transmissions. With their user-friendly interfaces and advanced functionality, Uniden scanners are a popular choice for those who require reliable and efficient radio monitoring capabilities.
Uniden Bearcat 980SSB

Uniden bearcat 980ssb

FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS: • Digital SRF / SWR Meter • Frequency Display • 7 Colour Backlighting • NOAA Weather • Squelch Control • ANL /...