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Used CB Radio Transceivers

Radioworld sell used cb radio equipment, and carry more than any other radio dealer in the uk, retro cb radio, avanti cb antenna,cobra cb radio, and more,

Second Hand Cobra 139 SSB/AM Base Station Trans...

Second Hand Cobra 139 SSB/AM Base Station Transceiver SSB/AM Only but a lovely radio, boxed and one of the finest CB's we have seen!Item does have a 110 Volt PSU but can be reworked to change this, or can be used on a 13.8 Volt external PSU. Read more

Second Hand Ranger RCI-2950DX 10-12m Multimode ...

Secondhand Ranger RCI 2950DX 10 - 12m Transceiver from Ranger Communications once again sets the performance and reliability standard for entry level ham mobile transceivers with the latest generation of our popular RCI-2950/70 series of cost effe... Read more

Second Hand Colt 1200DX Multimode CB Radio

Second Hand Colt 1200DX Multimode CB Radio , It is based on the High Gain V range of radios with several improved features. This is more commonly known as a “cybernet board radio”. Features on the radio include a fairly small, but standard siz... Read more

Second Hand Albrecht AE 497W 10 Meter Base Station

The AE 497 W base station is the high power version and works on frequency 28.000 to 29.699 MHz in 1, 10 and 100 KHz steps.The repeater shift is programmable up to 600 KHz.Extension to "channel mode" with 454 channels (10 bands) is possible coveri... Read more

Second Hand Magnum 257 Mobile 10 Metre Multimod...

The latest type of transceivers are the microprocessor controlled models and the Magnum 257 is an excellent all round 10 metre radio with all the facilities to be found on any high performance radio. Covering 28.00 - 29.699 MHz, it boasts ECM micr... Read more

Second Hand Cobra 25 UK Ltd Soundtracker FM CB ...

Cobra UK 25 ST CB Tranceiver 80 Channel radio - 40 European (CEPT) FM and 40 UK CB - Soundtracker system - Heavy duty dynamic microphone - contoured microphone with dynamic voice response circuitry - Analogue signal meter - illuminated, easy to re... Read more

Second Hand Superstar SS-6900 10m Multimode Tra...

The SUPERSTAR SS6900 10M BAND TRANSCEIVER (PC PROGRAMMABLE)The latest arrival from Superstar, the SS6900 is a 10M band multimode transceiver that is PC programmable to give expanded frequency range and customised features. Although this transceive... Read more

Second Hand JWR Model M2 Rare & Vintage FM CB R...

Second Hand JWR Model M2 Rare & Vintage FM CB RadioBrand new condition and boxed, Very rare now!Type: Citizen Band TransceiverFrequency Range: 27.60125-27.99125 MHzChannels: 40Modes: FMPower output: 4 WVoltage: 13.8 VDC Read more

Second Hand Midland 77-250UK Mobile CB Radio

Classic styling FM UK CB Radio, In the box and working well! Read more

Second Hand Albrecht AE-6690 FM AM Mobile CB Radio

Second Hand Albrecht AE-6690 FM AM Mobile CB Radio, CB Radio with CTCSS Sub Tones, The re-emergence of CB as a useful tool for business communication is being proved by demand and interest for the all new Albrecht AE6690. Europe's first Multiband ... Read more

Second Hand Ham International Relax Power Micro...

Second hand Relax power microphone 4 pin, Ideal for base rigs like the Jumbo or other mobile rags. Read more

Second Hand Model 75 SWR Meter & Antenna Matcher

Second Hand Model 75 SWR Meter & Antenna Matcher, designed for CB radio! Working and boxed, very hard to find now! Read more

Second Hand K-PO S-27 CB Radio Signal Meter

Second Hand K-PO S-27 CB Radio Signal Meter. S-meter with large display in a robust metal housing. Equipped with calibration button and built-in lighting (13.8 VDC).Specifications:Sensitivity: 80 uA Display: Analog instrument Input Impedance: 10 K... Read more