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Used Communications Receiver

We buy, sell and test used professional communications receivers designed for the security, professionals and government agencies for working modes such as SSB, USB, LSB, CW, FSK, AM, FM and Wide FM!

Second Hand Icom IC-R5 Receiver

Second Hand Icom IC-R5 Receiver replacement for the popular IC-R2 with many improvements. These include a built-in ferrite rod antenna, a total of 1250 memory channels. A super wide range of 0.150 to 1309.995MHz in AM, FM and WFM modes, including ... Read more

Second Hand Winradio GPS Option For G33EM Receiver

This hardware/software option consists of an integrated GPS receiver and antenna (with USB interface) and application mapping software with a high-resolution world map licensed by NASA. When combined with the G33EM receiver, this option provides a... Read more

Second Hand Alinco DJ-X10 Wide Band Receiver

DJ-X10 Alinco Scanner 0.1 - 2000MHz, wideband communication receiver from Alinco covering a staggering 100kHz to 2GHz all modes. Fully programmable via the keyboard, multifunction display. It also offers coverage of the shortwave bands including S... Read more

Second Hand Yaesu VR-160 Handheld Communication...

The YAESU VR-160 is a high-performance miniature communications receiver that covers frequencies from 100 kHz to 1299.995 MHz on the AM and FM (Wide and Narrow bandwidths) modes. Coverage includes the AM and FM broadcast bands, HF Shortwave Bands,... Read more

Second Hand Palstar R-30 HF Communications Rece...

The word is spreading about Palstar?s unique, high-end ham and shortwave radio products carrying on in the Palstar tradition for products of the highest quality. The American made R30 shortwave receiver is no exception. After surveying all the SW... Read more

Second Hand CommRadio CR-1 Communications Receiver

Frequency Coverage and Modes:MW-HF: General Coverage: 500 kHz - 30.000 MHzUser Configurable Band Key:Amateur Band Selections: 160 m – 10 mInternational Broadcast Bands: 120 m – 11 mAM-SSB-CW manual or auto-mode sele... Read more

Second Hand Comm Radio CR-1A Communications Rec...

Second Hand Comm Radio CR-1A Communications Receiver, With fully disclosed Interface Protocol for 3rd party developers and even has a Spectral Display when hooked up to a PC - if needed. The CR-1a SDR is a small, low-power, ruggedly constructed ra... Read more

Second HandWiNRADiO WR-G305e with WFM USB

Second Hand WR-G305e/WFM WiNRADiO Ext USB Standard Scanning Receiver 9kHz - 1.8GHz with WFM* Frequency range 9 kHz - 1800MHz * Tuning resolution: 1Hz * Mode: AM, AMN, AMS, LSB, USB, CW, FMN, FMW * Selectivity (-6dB) AM 6kHz, AMN 4kHz, AMS 4kHz,... Read more

Second Hand Japan Radio Company NRD-535 Receiver

The Japan Radio Company NRD-535 affords general coverage reception from 90 to 30000 kHz in AM, USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, FAX and narrow FM modes. A triple conversion superheterodyne circuit is employed to provide superb sensitivity and image rejection. ... Read more

Second Hand Icom IC-R8500 Communications Receiver

Second Hand Icom IC-R8500 Communications Receiver, The IC-R8500 covers a wide frequency range from 0.1 to 2000MHz (with 10Hz resolution) while maintaining a high receive sensitivity. The IC-R8500 is not simply a scanner, it is a professional quali... Read more

Second Hand AOR AR-DV1 SDR Digital Voice Receiver

The AOR AR-DV1 SDR Digital Voice Receiver Here is the next generation multi digital mode demodulation receiver, the AOR AR-DV1! This incredible digital voice receiver features wide-band reception (100kHz - 1300MHz), multi-mode digital demodulation... Read more

Second Hand JRC NRD-545 DSP Communications Rece...

Second Hand JRC NRD-545 DSP Receiver, Despite its outward good looks, the real power of this receiver is inside. The NRD-545 DSP is different from any receiver you have previously owned. Clear, distortion-free sound reproduction is possible throug... Read more

Second Hand AOR AR-5001D 40kHz - 3.15GHz Base R...

Second Hand AOR AR-5001D 40kHz - 3.15GHz Base Receiver, The AR5001D super wide range receiver has been developed to meet the monitoring needs of security professionals and government agencies. Up to three channels can be monitored simultaneously. ... Read more