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Used Analyzers & SWR Meters

Radioworld are suppliers of Used Analyzers & SWR Meters, If you are looking for pre-owned test equipment radioworld have stocks and sell at the best prices all types of used Used Analyzers & SWR Meters, from avair meter to diamond swr, too bird thruline meter.

Second Hand SWR-25 SWR & Power Meter 3.5-150MHz

Second Hand SWR-25 SWR & Power MeterA neat SWR and Power Meter, works from 3.5-150MHzDisplays forward and reflected power at the same time. Read more

Second Hand MAAS RX-40 VHF/UHF SWR/Power Cross ...

MAAS RX-40 VHF/UHF SWR/Power Meter 140-525 MHzImpedance 50 OhmsPower switchable 0-15/0-150 wattsMeasures forward / reflected power + VSWRMinimum required power 1WAccuracy 10% at full scaleConnector: N-female (50 ohm)Back light: 12V DC power supply... Read more

Second Hand Bird Electronic 450-470MHz 100Mw Wa...

Second Hand Bird Electronic 450-470MHz 100Mw Watt Element, Designed to work with any bird through line element meter Read more

Second Hand Watson W-220 SWR Power Meter

Second Hand W-220 Watson VSWR Features a large meter movement designed specially for this model. Single input and output on the rear panel with convenient controls at the front to select all functions and adjust for full scale deflection when meas... Read more

Second Hand Bird 43 UHF Element Slug 400-850MHz...

Second Hand Bird 43 UHF Element Slug 400-850MHz 2.5 Watt, Designed to work with any bird through line element meter Read more

Second Hand Osker SWR-200 Dual Impedance SWR Meter

Second Hand Osker SWR-200 Dual Impedance SWR MeterAn unusual SWR meter, that allows measurement of both 52 Ohm and 75 Ohm (switchable) antenna systems.3.5MHz to 150MHz (unit is most sensitive between 14MHz to 150MHz)Power measurement from 2 Watts ... Read more

Second Hand SX-40C Diamond VSWR POWER Meter

Second Hand SX-40C Diamond VSWR/POWER Meter * 144-470MHz * Impedance 50 Ohms * Power 0 - 15W / 0 - 150W switched * Measures forward / reflected power + VSWR * Sensitivity 3W for full scale deflection * Accuracy 10% at full scale * Sockets SO... Read more

Second Hand FTL-Meter SWR/Power Meter for Yaesu...

Second Hand FTL-Meter Receive: S-Meter, Discriminator or Voltage.Receive: S-Meter, Discriminator or Voltage Transmit: RF Power, SWR, Modulation, ALC or Voltage Cable length 3 feet Sensitive 500 uA meter movement Externally powered cool blue backli... Read more

Second Hand Noda Tushin 427H 1.8 - 150MHZ SWR -...

NODA Tushin 427H Full-Auto SWR and Peak Power Meter 1.8 - 150 MHz, The measuring is up to 200 Watt. Read more

Second Hand Diawa CN-630 140-450 MHz Power SWR ...

The Daiwa CN-620A, CN-630 and CN-650 series features Daiwa's famous cross-needle meter that displays both forward and reflected power. The CN-620A covers a frequency range of 1.8-150 MHz in ranges of 20/200/1000 watts forward and 4/40/200 watts re... Read more

Second Hand Daiwa CN-801V Meter 140-525MHz

Daiwa CN 801V Meter 140-525MFrequency range: 140 - 525MHzPower range: 20/200W SWR Detection sensitivity: 5W minimum Input/Output impedance: 50 ohm Input/Output connectors: SO239 (M) Size: 109H x 155W x 120DmmWeight: 1000g Read more

Second Hand Kenwood SW-200 SWR/Power Meter

Second Hand Kenwood SW-200 SWR meterCovers 1.8~150MHz, Meter & couplar included in the sale! Read more

Second Hand MFJ-259 Antenna Analyzer

Second Hand MFJ-259 Antenna AnalyzerMFJ-259 Antenna Analyzer, boxed with manual. Covers approx 1.8MHz to 170MHzDigital frequency readout for accuracy, twin analogue meters displaying both SWR and Impedence.SO-239 connector.Requires either 12-Volts... Read more

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