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Used CB Radio Transceivers

Radioworld sell used cb radio equipment, and carry more than any other radio dealer in the uk, retro cb radio, avanti cb antenna,cobra cb radio, and more,

Second Hand Ham International Relax Power Micro...

Second hand Relax power microphone 4 pin, Ideal for base rigs like the Jumbo or other mobile rags. Read more

Second Hand Uniden 2830 Multimode Mobile CB Radio

Second Hand Uniden 2830 Multimode Mobile CB Radio, Type: Citizen band/Export/Amateur transceiver Frequency range: 26-30 MHz Channels: Mode: AM/FM/SSB/CW Frequency control: PLL Power output: AM/FM/CW: 10 W SSB: 21 W (PEP) Read more

Second Hand DX-5000 K-PO - AM/FM/SSB 10/11 Mete...

Specification:28-30 MHz frequency range (expandable by software 25.615-30.105 MHz for export purposes) Modes AM / FM / LSB / USB / CW / PA Transmit power AM / FM / CW: 12W SSB: 21 W (PEP) Frequency steps 10 Hz / 100 Hz / 1 kHz / 10 kHz RF contr... Read more

Second Hand Intek HR-5500 Multimode Mobile CB R...

Second Hand Intek HR-5500 Multimode Mobile CB RadioThe Intek HR5500 is a fully featured HF transceiver with latest 5th generation programming software capabilities via a Windows PC.Inside the sleak black design is an impressive array of features,... Read more

Second Hand President Lincoln II CB Transceiver...

Second Hand President Lincoln II CB Transceiver Version 3, The President lincoln 2 AM/FM/SSB/CW mode radio, which comes with a bundle of special features, This President's quality 10M Band radio has Public Address, RF Power, VFO Mode, RF/Mic Gain ... Read more

Second Hand Harrier CB-HQ Base Station CB Radio

Old school classic, Harrier CB HQ. Good condition for age and works a treat! Radio comes with microphone but not manual!Type: Citizen Band Transceiver Frequency Range: 27.60125-27.99125 MHz Channels: 40 Modes: FM Power output: 4 W Voltage: 13.8 VDC Read more

Second Hand President Grant II Multimode CB Tra...

The President Grant II is a multi-mode mobile CB radio, the President Grant II has 40ch UK FM and 40 (CEPT) FM channels NOW and offers AM/FM/SSB modes which are now fully legal to use in the UK.40 channels AM / FM / LSB / USB40 channels UK FM, 40... Read more

Second Hand Albrecht AE-2990AFS SSB/FM CB Handheld

Albrecht AE-2990AFS - CB/SSB portable transceiver Multi mode channel· Germany: 80 channel FM (4 W); 40 channel AM 1 W and SSB 4 W· EU: 40 channel AM 1 W; 40 channel FM/SSB 4 W· E: 40 channel AM/FM/SSB 4 W· PL: 40 channel AM/FM/SSB 4 W "0" Rast... Read more

Second Hand Cobra 139 SSB/AM Base Station Trans...

Second Hand Cobra 139 SSB/AM Base Station Transceiver SSB/AM Only but a lovely radio, boxed and one of the finest CB's we have seen!Item does have a 110 Volt PSU but can be reworked to change this, or can be used on a 13.8 Volt external PSU. Read more

Second Hand Ranger RCI-2995DX SSB/AM/FM Base Tr...

Secondhand Ranger RCI-2995DX AM-FM-SSB-CW 10 & 12 Meter Base Station Radio, comes with Box, manual and original microphone.-- FEATURES --— 10 & 12 Meter Bands — Large Frequency Display with Dimmer — Improved Receiver Design — ... Read more

Second Hand Ranger RCI2995DX CF CB Radio Base S...

Second Hand Ranger 2995DX CF CB Radio Base Station Transceiver, Designed to enhance any serious operators shack, this rack-mounted unit offers exceptional sound quality and large, easy-to-use controls. The RCI-2995DX has features that include: A... Read more