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Used Duplexer & Triplexer

Buy and sell Used Duplexer & Triplexer, Try Radioworld UK for low prices great quality,fast delivery on Mfj,Yaesu,avair,diamond And more

Second Hand Diamond MX-62M HF & 6m/2m/70cm Dup...

Second Hand MX-62M Diamond HF & 6m/2m/70cm DuplexerMX-62M Diamond HF & 6m/2m/70cm Duplexer * 1.6 - 56MHz 600W PEP * 140 - 470MHz 600W PEP * 76 - 120MHz (Receive only) * Impedance 50 Ohms * Max loss 0.2dB * VSWR <1.2 * Connectors: 1 x SO... Read more

Second Hand Welz DF-72C Dual Band Duplexer

Second Hand Welz DF-72C Dual Band Duplexer, Very good quality and typical of Welz. Read more

Second Hand Comet CF-416A 144/430Mhz Duplexer

Comet CF-416A Duplexer for transmitting and receiving the 144 (or HF/50Mhz) and Second Hand Comet CF-416A 144/430Mhz Duplexer, 433Mhz at the same time. Combined high grade filters work for preventing TVI at the same time. In the case of using th... Read more