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Used Handheld Transceivers

For sale Used Handhelds transceivers, Tested and sealed by us here at Radioworld. Over 15 years of experience and know how so you know your buying from the professionals!

We Resell Surplus Used Yaesu, Icom And Kenwood Handheld transceivers, Largest selection availible now. 3 months warranty on used handies,

Second Hand CSC-90 Soft Case for VX-2E

Second Hand CSC-90 Soft Case for VX-2E CSC-90 Soft Case for VX-2E Read more

Second Hand Alinco EDC-144 Rapid Charge Cradle

Second Hand EDC-144 Rapid Charge Cradle Rapid charge cradle for Alinco handhelds. Includes drop in plate for size adjustment. Covers EBP-64, EBP-66, EBP65, and EBP-63 Batteries. Requires either a 12Volt adaptor, or can be run from a 12Volt PSU (sc... Read more

Second Hand Kenwood TH-K4E 70cm Handheld Transc...

High power 5W operation with the standard supplied Ni-MH (1100mAh) battery. 100 memory channels plus 1 call channel. Internal VOX for hands-free operation and built-in charging circuit, battery can be charged whilst operating from a 13.8V supply. ... Read more

Second Hand Yaesu FT-60 Dual Band FM Handheld T...

The Yaesu FT-60 dual band 2m/70cm Handheld boasts 5 watts output on both bands. It also features wideband receive from 108-520MHz and 700-999.99 MHz (less cellular). An Emergency Automatic ID system will automatically cause the FT-60E to transmit ... Read more

Second Hand Alinco DJ-596e Mkii 2m/70cm FM Handy

DJ-596e Alinco 2m/70cm FM Handy * 144.000 -145.995MHz Tx FM (F3E) * 430.000 - 440.000MHz Tx FM (F3E) * 5W (EBP-48N), 5W (External 13.8V DC) * Freq. deviation: ±5kHz * Channel Step: 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30kHz * 40 memories * 1 call cha... Read more

Second Hand Yaesu VX-5R Triple Band Handheld Tr...

The Yaesu VX-5R is a triple band (6M, 2M & 430MHz) HT with extensive receive coverage, and leading-edge features. It receives the AM and FM broadcast bands, shortwave (AM) to 16 MHz, VHF and UHF TV audio, VHF Air and public service frequencies... Read more

Second Hand IC-E91 Icom 2m/70cm Handheld Transc...

Second Hand IC-E91 Icom 2m/70cm Handheld Transceiver * Tx:144 - 146MHz, 430 - 440MHz * FM, NFM, AM & GMSK (4.8kbps voice) * 5 / 5W, 500 / 500mW * Wideband Rx 0.495MHz - 999.990MHz * Memories 1304 with Alpha Tags * Tuning Step 5, 6.25, 8.... Read more

Second Hand Icom ID-51E D-Star Handheld Transce...

Second Hand Icom ID-51E dualband dualwatch D-Star handheld transceiver, The 26.4mm slim body contains 5W output, VHF/UHF dual bands, a rich D-STAR and integrated GPS receiver feature set. Independent AM/FM Receiver. FM, AM and shortwave broadcast ... Read more