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Second Hand Radio equipment
Second Hand Yaesu MD-200 Desktop Microphone
Second Hand Radio equipment
Second Hand Yaesu MD-200 Desktop Microphone
£169.00 (No VAT)
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Product code:SH-MD-200
Brand:Second Hand Radio equipment

The Second hand MD-200-A8X Ultra High Fidelity Mic,Already known for their distinctive fine audio quality the MARK-V & MARK-V Field can be taken toheights with the MD-200A8X high quality desk microphone. The MD-200A8X employs a studio-quality dynamic element, optimised for high-fidelity SSB operation, allowing faithful reproduction of the operator’s voice. Yaesu’s exclusive VSPC (Variable Side Pressure Control) allows adjustment of the frequency response of the microphone, from a totally-flat response to a high-articulation response with moderate peaking above 1500Hz.

The MD-200A8X also includes provision to incorporate a user-supplied dynamic, magnetic or crystal microphone element. A slide switch on the base allows easy switching between elements. The microphone element is fully protected from unwanted vibrations with a heavy duty yoke and heavy rubber shock absorber.

note: ** SECOND HAND ITEM ** 0% VAT.

* Mic. element: Dynamic

* Frequency range: 30-17000Hz
* Sensitivity: (1kHz, 0dB-1 V/1 Pa): -62dB
* Impedance: 600 Ohms
* Size: 120 x 320.5 x 124.5mm
* Weight: Approx: 1.0kg