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Used Morse Keys, Tutors & Keyers

We sell A wide range of used Morse Keys, Tutors & Keyers. From the cheapest to most expensive, collectible morse keys.

Second Hand Kent Straight Morse Key

The Kent Morse Key is engineered to the highest specification from solid brass. A superior lasting and trouble-free performance is achieved by the use of silver contacts and sealed ball race bearings, which ensure a totally free pivot movement wit... Read more

Second Hand Hi-Mound MK-703 Manipulator Iambic ...

Second Hand Hi-Mound MK-703 Manipulator Iambic Morse Key, A very rare and classic Morse Key, Ideal for anyone with the interest in Morse Code. Read more

Second Hand Datong D70 Morse Tutor

Second Hand Datong Morse Code Tutor 6.5 - 37 WPM setting.Variable inter-character delay 0-3secsLetters, numbers or mixed output.Runs for many months on a PP3 battery. Read more

Second Hand Hi-mound UFO-001 Auto Keyer *Rare*

Second Hand Hi-mound UFO-001 Auto Keyer *Rare*Rare morse key, never seen one in our shop and in good condition too! in working order.also includes original manual but sadly no box,selectable speeds, around 25-100 words per minute. Read more

Second Hand Vibroplex Iambic Presentation Morse...

Vibroplex Iambic Paddles incorporate the traditional Vibroplex look for use with modern electronic keyers. You get the same crisp operation at 5 words per minute as you do at 50 words per minute. These iambic paddles allow the user to benefit from... Read more

Second Hand Royal Navy AP-7681 Morse Key Plus S...

Second Hand Royal Navy AP-7681 Morse Key Plus Switch Unit, Royal Navy Key Type AP7681. Not many were made with the cover as it was found to be almost as costly to make the cover as the key! Very rare to find! Read more

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