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Used Communications Receiver

We buy, sell and test used professional communications receivers designed for the security, professionals and government agencies for working modes such as SSB, USB, LSB, CW, FSK, AM, FM and Wide FM!

Second Hand AOR AR-5001D 40kHz - 3.15GHz Base R...

Second Hand AOR AR-5001D 40kHz - 3.15GHz Base Receiver, The AR5001D super wide range receiver has been developed to meet the monitoring needs of security professionals and government agencies. Up to three channels can be monitored simultaneously. ... Read more

Second Hand Icom IC-R8500 Wide Band Communicati...

Second Hand Icom IC-R8500 Wide Band Communications Receiver, The IC-R8500 is a high specification communications receiver ideal for the radio ham or shortwave listener but with an affordable price. Has many features not mentioned, that make it an ... Read more

Second Hand Palstar R-30 HF Communications Rece...

The word is spreading about Palstar?s unique, high-end ham and shortwave radio products carrying on in the Palstar tradition for products of the highest quality. The American made R30 shortwave receiver is no exception. After surveying all the SW... Read more

Second Hand Sony ICF-2001D AM/SSB/CW/WFM

The ICF-2001D was a portable solid-state LW, MW, SW and FM receiver, also known as a world receiver, made by Sony in Japan around 1980. Although it was a commercially available civil-class receiver, used by many people world-wide, it played an imp... Read more

Second Hand MFJ-959C Receiver Tuner with Preamp

Second Hand MFJ-959C Receiver Tuner with Preamp , Dont miss rare DX due to signal power loss between your receiver and antenna. The MFJ-959C provides proper impedance matching so you can transfer maximum signal from antenna to receiver. It covers ... Read more

Second Hand Winradio GPS Option For G33EM Receiver

This hardware/software option consists of an integrated GPS receiver and antenna (with USB interface) and application mapping software with a high-resolution world map licensed by NASA. When combined with the G33EM receiver, this option provides a... Read more

Second Hand MFJ-1020C Active Antenna

he MFJ-1020C SWL Active Indoor Antenna 0.3 - 40 MHz. MFJ invented the tunable active antenna! technology uses dual gate MOSFET and a gigahertz bandwidth buffer. MFJ invented the tunable active antenna! Numerous copies have been made without succe... Read more