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Used Radio Scanners

Buy and sell Used Radio Scanners, Try Radioworld UK for low prices great quality, And fast delivery on Yaesu,Yupiteru. uniden, bearcat, Alinco Scanners and more.

Second Hand AR-8000 Soft Cover SC-8000

Second Hand AR-8000 Soft Cover SC-8000Soft Cover for the AR-8000 scanner.HANDHELD NOT INCLUDED! Read more

Second Hand Intek AR-109 Airband Scanner WFM/FM/AM

The Intek AR-109 is an airband, broadcast, marine and VHF receiver that is small enough to fit in your pocket but packed with features. It has 99 memory channels and contains the 8.33khz airband frequency step. It covers the Airband (118-137MHz), ... Read more

Second Hand Uniden UBC355clt

Second Hand Uniden UBC355CLT is a very user friendly desktop/mobile radio scanner. It has some unique and interesting features, Key Features Include:Designed and Engineered in Japan Desktop / In-Car Unit 300 Channel Memory 7 Pre-Programme... Read more

Second Hand Albrecht AE-355 Desktop Scanner

Second Hand Albrecht AE-355 Desktop Scanner, The AE355M mobile/desktop scanner comes with 7 pre-set service banks for monitoring the most popular radio communication services. Also included is 1 x PRIVATE 100 Channel user-programmable memory bank.... Read more

Second Hand Alinco DJ-X3 Wideband Scanner

The Alinco DJ-X3E is a compact handheld AM/FM/WFM scanner with incredible receiver performance, and great sounding audio from its twin ported front panel. The Alinco DJ-X3E has an AUTO mode feature where the scanner selects the correct mode for th... Read more

Second Hand GRE PSR 295 Handheld Scanner

Second Hand GRE PSR 295 Handheld Scanner, The latest offering from GRE, the PSR-295 sees a departure in design from their previous models in that, apart from a few gaps it is a full coverage scanner. It also has several featuresfor GRE: Switchable... Read more

Second Hand Yupiteru MVT-225 Airband Scannner

The VT-225 is slightly larger than the Yupiteru VT-125 but offers full civil and 99% of the military airband, Read more

Second Hand Yupiteru MVT-7100 Multi Mode Scanner

Second Hand Yupiteru MVT-7100 Scanner, The MVT-7100 is just not a scanner it is a complete communications package in one very compact hand-held. Not only does it cover up to 1650MHz it also covers the complete short wave band and the medium wave b... Read more

Second Hand Uniden Bearcat UBC-785XLT Base Scan...

Second Hand UBC-785XLT Uniden-Bearcat Base Scanner 25-1300MHz * 25 - 1300MHz* 1000 channels * 10 User programmable search banks * Preprogrammed airband search * 3 selectable bandplans * Supports 6.25 and 8.33kHz airband step . Read more

Second Hand AOR AR-8200 MkI Communications Rece...

The AR8200 was a beacon representing aapproach,features and forward thinking. A certain recipe for success built on the popularity of the AR8000, added technology originally developed for the award winning high performance AR5000 base receiver ide... Read more

Second Hand Yupiteru MVT-9000 MKII Multimode Re...

Second Hand Yupiteru MVT-9000MKII, the MVT-9000 'Silverline' scanner has more frequencies, memories, functions and features which combine to make this adawn in the era handheld scanners. features include: Voice-reversed Scrambled decoder. Band-Sco... Read more

Second Hand Icom IC-R3 Handheld Scanner Receiver

The IC-R3 full coverage is 495kHz to 2450MHz, and receives not only AM and FM/WFM but also TV (AM or FM). ham FM TV coverage is between 900 to 1300MHz and 2250 to 2450MHz. It uses a built-in 2in TFT colour LCD with a selection of multi colour back... Read more

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