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Used Radio Scanners

Buy and sell Used Radio Scanners, Try Radioworld UK for low prices great quality, And fast delivery on Yaesu,Yupiteru. uniden, bearcat, Alinco Scanners and more.

Second Hand Skyscan Mobile Magmount Scanning An...

Second Hand Skyscan Mobile Magmount Scanning Antenna, The mobile antenna covers 25-1300MHz and comes complete on magnetic base with 4m coax cable terminated in BNC plug. Read more

Second Hand Icom IC-R5 Software & Lead

Second Hand Icom IC-R5 Software & Lead,T he CS-R5 PC Programming Software for IC-R5, Comes with USB cable! Read more

Second Hand Uniden EZI33XLT Handheld Airband Sc...

The Uniden Bearcat EZI33XLT Handheld Air Marine VHF Scanner Receiver, Replacing the popular UBC30XLT, the EZI33XLT pocket sized handheld scanner receiver from Uniden is designed especially for the airband or marine enthusiast. The EZI33XLT offers ... Read more

Second Hand Uniden UBC125XLT 500 Channel Handhe...

The Second Hand Uniden UBC125XLT is a compact 500 channel handheld scanner, which covers 25-88MHz, 108-174MHz, 225 - 512MHz and 806 - 960MHz with 5/6.25/10/12.5KHz frequency steps.Includes Military Aircraft Band, CTCSS/DCS Squelch Modes and Alpha ... Read more

Second Hand Tecsun PL-680 Portable receiver wit...

PL-680 This fully featured portable world band radio, with SSB reception, keeps you in with the action from Longwave , Shortwave, to VHF Airband !Frequency ranges :FM: 87 - 108 MHzMW: 522-1620 kHzSW: 1711-29999 kHzLW: 100-519 kHzAIR: 118-137 MHzFe... Read more

Second Hand Uniden Bearcat UBC-780XLT Desktop S...

Second Hand Bearcat UBC-780XLT, * Band Coverage : 25-1300MHz * Modes: NFM, FM, WFM, AM * Steps: 5/7.5/10/12.5/20/25/50kHz/100Hz * Channels: 500 * Banks: 10 (50 channels each) * Priority Channels: 10 * Memory backup * Unique Data Skip * Manual ... Read more

Second Hand Yupiteru MVT-7100 Ultimate Handheld...

Second Hand Yupiteru MVT-7100 Ultimate Handheld Scanner, The MVT-7100 is just not a scanner it is a complete communications package in one very compact hand-held. Not only does it cover up to 1650MHz it also covers the complete short wave band and... Read more

Second Hand Uniden Bearcat UBC-785XLT Base Scan...

Second Hand UBC-785XLT Uniden-Bearcat Base Scanner 25-1300MHz * 25 - 1300MHz* 1000 channels * 10 User programmable search banks * Preprogrammed airband search * 3 selectable bandplans * Supports 6.25 and 8.33kHz airband step . Read more

Second Hand AOR AR-8200 MkI Communications Rece...

The AR8200 was a beacon representing aapproach,features and forward thinking. A certain recipe for success built on the popularity of the AR8000, added technology originally developed for the award winning high performance AR5000 base receiver ide... Read more

Second Hand Uniden UBC800XLT Direct Entry Mobil...

Second Hand UBC800XLT Direct Entry Mobile Scanner, The bearcat UBC800XLT is a state of the art mobile scanner, with manyfeatures including GPS input, and 6000 ! dynamically allocated channels, location based scanning, "close call" that instantly t... Read more

Second Hand BCT-15X GPS Enabled Scanner 25-1300...

The Second Hand BCT-15X GPS Enabled Scanner 25-1300MHz with Gaps Specifications. Frequency Coverage: 25-512, 758-823.9875MHz, 849.0125-868.9875MHz, 894.0125-960MHz, 1240-1300 MHz • TrunkTracker III Technology - So you can keep up with the action... Read more

Second Hand IC-R20 Icom Scanner Wideband

IC-R20 Second Hand Icom Scanning Wideband Receiver * Frequency coverage 0.15 - 3304.999MHz * FM, WFM, AM, USB, LSB, CW * Tuning steps 0.01, 0.1, 5, 6.25, 8.33, 9, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100kHz * 1,250 alphanumeric memories * Scanning spe... Read more

Second Hand Uniden UBCD3600XLT Handheld Digital...

The UNIDEN UBCD3600XLT, FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:• Favorites Scan – Allows you to organize your Systems into Favorites Lists. The scanner will scan multiple Favorites Lists and Full Database at the same time.• 4 GB microSD card... Read more

Second Hand Yaesu VR-5000 Communications Receiver

* Frequency Coverage: 100kHz-2599.99MHz * Modes: CW.LSB,USB,AM,AM-N,WAM,FM-N,WFM * Real-Time Spectrum Scope * DSP Bandpass, Notch & Noise Reduction Filters (optional) * 2000 Memory Channels * World Clock * Digital Voice Recorder (optional... Read more

Second Hand AOR AR-8200D 500 kHz to 3000 MHz

The AOR AR8200D is the latest member of the proud AR8200 family. It follows in the great tradition of the earlier 8200 range of wideband receiver. This sensitive handheld radio covers 500 kHz to 3000 MHz (less cellular) in: Wide FM, Narrow FM, Su... Read more