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Used SDR Transceiver & Receivers

Buy and sell Used SDR Transceiver & Receivers, Try Radioworld UK for low prices great quality,fast delivery on flexradio,winradio And more.

Second Hand FlexRadio Systems Flex 6700 SDR Tra...

Second Hand FlexRadio Systems Flex 6700 SDR Transceiver, The Flex-6700r Signature Series radios, Flex Radio brings a wealth of new capabilities to the amateur including direct digital sampling reception, transmission and networking. At the core of... Read more

Second Hand Flex-3000A Software Defined Radio w...

Second Hand Flex-3000 - Software Defined Radio A Fully Software Defined Radio (SDR) Like all SDRs from FlexRadio Systems the FLEX-3000 is a fully software defined radio. The accepted definition of a real software defined radio is one "where compon... Read more

Second Hand WiNRADiO WR-G305e with WFM USB

Second Hand WR-G305e/WFM WiNRADiO Ext USB Standard Scanning Receiver 9kHz - 1.8GHz with WFM* Frequency range 9 kHz - 1800MHz * Tuning resolution: 1Hz * Mode: AM, AMN, AMS, LSB, USB, CW, FMN, FMW * Selectivity (-6dB) AM 6kHz, AMN 4kHz, AMS 4kHz, LS... Read more

Second Hand DX Patrol MK3 SDR Receiver

Second Hand DX Patrol MK3 SDR Receiver, DX-Patrol MK3 SDR Receiver, Installation of the SDR receiver DX patrol is simple. It is recommended not to use the Windows USB drivers but those provided through the 'Zadig' installer. The most programs ment... Read more