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Used VHF/UHF Transceivers

Buy and sell Used VHF/UHF Transceivers, Try Radioworld UK for low prices great quality,fast delivery on Used VHF/UHF Transceivers- dual band radio,Yaesu,icom,kenwood,alinco And more.

Second Hand Alinco DJ-FX446 Handheld PMR446 Radio

Second Hand Alinco DJ-FX446 Handheld PMR446 Radio, DJ-FX446 is a very compact sized licence free PMR446 handheld 2-way radio with a host of useful features including computer programming (with optionalERW-8 lead), take anywhere you need short rang... Read more

Second Hand Wouxan UV950P PL Software and USB C...

Second Hand Wouxan UV950P PL Software and USB Cable, RT Systems RPS-KGUV950 Programming software makes it easy to manage memory channel information and other menu settings of the Wouxun KG-UV950P. Spreadsheet layout with many point and click optio... Read more

Second Hand Yaesu FT-2900 VHF FM Transceiver

Second Hand Yaesu FT-2900 transceivers,The Yaesu FT-2900 is quiet and powerful. This ruggedly-built 2 meter transceivers boasts 75 watts of output. Yet no fan is required thanks to Yaesu's die cast chassis/heat-sink design. The ergonomics are unsu... Read more

Second Hand Radiotone RT-3 3G Handheld Network ...

Second Hand Radiotone RT-3 3G Handheld Network Radio, • Enhanced GSM/WCDMA Antenna• 5.0MP Rear Camera• Support GPS/BDS• Support Zello PTT• 3500mAh Extra-Long Life BatteryModel No. Radio Tone RT3Features High gain GSM/WCDMA antennaSupport... Read more

Second Hand Spectrum Communications 4m 70 MHz m...

Second Hand Spectrum Communications 4m 70 MHz mobile Transceiver , 4001 FM 4m TRANSCEIVER 70.2500 to 70.4875MHz in 20 channels in 12.5kHz steps. Really easy to use, not menu driven. Default channel at switch-on 70.450MHz. Now upgraded to give exc... Read more

Second Hand Kenwood TM-702E VHF/UHF Transceiver

VHF/UHF transceiver Frequency range: 144-146 / 430-440 MHz Mode: FM RF Power output: Hi: 25/25 W Mid: 10/10 W Lo: 2/2 W Sensitivity: N/A Selectivity: N/A Image rejection: N/A Voltage: 11-16 VDC Current drain: RX: Max 1.0 TX: Max 5-7 Impedan... Read more

Second Hand Yaesu FT-8100R VHF/UHF Mobile FM Tr...

The Yaesu FT-8100R combines high power and a versatile memory system along with easy installation. This dual bander provides V+U, V+V or U+U operation. The easy-to-read dual band LCD display even has a DC voltage indication. The power output is 50... Read more

Second Hand CRT 270M Dual Band FM Mobile Transc...

Second Hand CRT 270M Dual Band FM Mobile Transceiver, Frequency Range / TX Output Power :VHF FM 144-146 MHz (136-174 MHz) 50WUHF FM 430-440 MHz (400-490 MHz) 40WAIR BAND 118-136 MHz VHF AM (RX only)Selectable RF output power (Hi-Mid1-Mid2-Low)Back... Read more

Second Hand Alinco DR-635E FM Dual Band Transce...

Second Hand DR-635E Alinco 2m/70cm FM Dual Band Mobile Transceiver The DR-635E is the latest VHF/UHF FM mobile transceiver from Alinco. This transceiver is capable of normal or narrow band FM as well as packet operation with the optional intern... Read more

Second Hand Yaesu FT-7900 Dual Band Transceiver

The FT-7900 provides 50 Watts of power on the 144 MHz band, and 40 Watts on the 430 MHz, and is designed for simplicity of operation along with high performance in the receiver section. The FT-7900 is ideal for the active Ham who has a need for si... Read more

Second Hand Kenwood TR-9000 2m Multi mode

the Kenwood TR-9000 2 meter multimode transceiver provides 2 meter operation in FM, LSB, USB and CW modes. Power output may be selected at 1 watt (FM/CW) or 10 watts (FM/SSB/CW). Frequency coverage is 143.9-148.9999 MHz.Enhancements include: RF ga... Read more

Second Hand Yaesu FTV-901R Transverter

Second Hand Yaesu FTV-901R , The FTV-901R is a transverter for the FT-901DM and FT-101ZD series, capable of operation on the 50, 144, 430 mhz bands. The basic unit comes equipped with 144 MHz capability, and the 50 and 430 MHz band modules may be ... Read more

Second Hand Icom IC-2800H Dual Band Mobile

Second Hand Icom IC-2800H Dual Band Mobile, Wide viewing angle for mobile flexibility Soft key labels, easy to see in strong or low light conditions 480 pixels wide (W) x 234 pixels high (H) resolution Display any NTSC information such as SSTV,... Read more

Second Hand Yaesu FT-225RD VHF Multi Mode Trans...

One of the greatest Multimode VHF radios made, Fitted with MUTEK frount end!Type: Amateur VHF transceiver Frequency range: 144-148 MHz Mode: AM/FM/SSB/CW RF Power output: FM/SSB/CW: 25 W AM: 15 W Receiver system: Dual conversion superheterodyn... Read more

Second Hand Icom IC-575HE Dual Band Base Transc...

The Icom IC-575He is a 10 meter and six meter all-mode transceiver with 10 watts output. It is very similar in features to the Icom IC-275e.The Icom IC-575H is the same as the IC-575e, but with 100 watts output.The Icom is all-mode transceiver was... Read more

Second Hand Icom IC-910H VHF/UHF All Mode Trans...

The IC-910H VHF/UHF all mode transceiver is a compact, fully featured transceiver ideally suited to meet the demands of the serious DX'er or satellite enthusiast. The IC-910H improves on its well-respected predecessor, the IC-821H. Whilst keeping ... Read more

Second Hand Icom IC-9100 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver...

The Icom IC-9100 all-in-one HF/VHF/UHF transceiver covers not only HF, 6M, 2M, 70cm and 23cm* Amateur radio bands, but also a variety of operating modes including SSB, CW, AM and FM. It also features dual band simultaneous reception, satellite mod... Read more