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W2IHY Equalizers

W2IHY Equalizers

W2IHY Equalizers

Equalization or equalisation is the process of adjusting the balance between frequency components within an electronic signal. The most well known use of equalization is in sound recording and reproduction but there are many other applications in electronics and telecommunications. The circuit or equipment used to achieve equalization is called an equalizer. These devices strengthen (boost) or weaken (cut) the energy of specific frequency bands or frequency ranges.
W2IHY EQPLUS Audio Processor designed For 8Band EQ


The EQplus is designed to be directly attached to either your microphone (Icom, Yaesu or Kenwood) or to the W2IHY’s 8-band EQ (W2EDGE), or to your Ken...
W2IHY iPlus Audio Switch

W2IHY iPlus Audio Switch

iPlus by W2IHY How many times have you wanted to send your rack or W2IHY audio to more than just one radio with the ease of simply turning a big switc...