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FT-847 One-Touch Tune Carrier Lead
FT-847 One-Touch Tune Carrier Lead
FT-847 One-Touch Tune Carrier Lead
£54.95 (£45.79 exc. VAT)
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FT-847 One-Touch Tune Carrier Lead, At the touch of a button, you have the carrier needed for tuning. The device attaches easily to the rear of your FT-847. The One-Touch Tune (OTT-847) is totally transparent to the FT-847 and to any external equipment that you have attached to the rig. It requires no external power supply and works with LDG automatic tuners and FT847-SuperControl software package. The OTT-847 comprises an electronics module having two 9-pin DIN connectors, a cable that plugs into the remote jack of the various LDG autotuners, and a cable that connects to the PKT jack on the FT-847. The module may be plugged into either the CAT jack of the FT-847 or the serial port of your computer. A standard cable may be used to connect the module to either the radio or the computer. The OTT-847 includes the null modem function required by the FT-847. The OTT-847 works with essentially all the LDG Electronics tuners for automatic tuning (excluded are only those LDG autotuners NOT having the "RADIO" jack). For the OTT-847 to function, you will need to have the FT847-SuperControl program running. Once you active the TUNER command in FT847-SuperControl, you only have to either click on the TUNE button on your computer screen or press the TUNE Button on the LDG autotuner and the tuning process automatically completes using a fully FCC compliant mode. An exciting operating mode is the fully autonomous tuning mode (NO-TOUCH TUNE) that senses when you have changed frequency by more than an amount you select and retunes. For example, you may have selected 25 kHz as the retune value. Whenever you QSY over 25 kHz from the last frequency used for tuning, the FT847-SuperControl command the OTT-847 and LDG autotuner to retune. Change bands, same thing. Once you have experienced this remarkable feature, you will not want to operate without it again.