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One BIG Punch TM Speech Compressor Yaesu MH-31
One BIG Punch TM Speech Compressor Yaesu MH-31
One BIG Punch TM Speech Compressor Yaesu MH-31
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The One BIG Punch is an AF-based speech compressor specifically configured to provide remarkable increase in talk power while maintaining good audio quality (articulation) for communication purposes. The unit can be mounted inside the MH-31, requires no additional electrical power, and can be turned on or off by using the MH-31\'s TONE switch. Performance of the One BIG Punch will vary from user to user because of variations in the individual\'s voice power spectrum. As with any device used to increase the average output/talk power, some users will realize more or less increase than other users. Measurements using a stock FT-817 and a MH-31 containing the One BIG Punch showed that the average talk power increased by about 5 dB over the unmodified MH-31. When the optional SSB filter (Collins Mechanical Filter) for the FT-817 was used in conjunction, the talk power increased another dB or so. This information is provided for general expectations, not as a firm specification. The FT-897 internal speech processor is typically judged to sound \"hollow\" as the processing is increased. On-the-air comparisons of the FT-897\'s speech processor and the One BIG Punch (both using the MH-31 microphone) always results in the One BIG Punch being selected for better punch and audio quality.