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West Mountain TARGETuner

West Mountain Radio TARGETuner Controller Mount...

The TARGETuner metal mounting brackets. Provides a convenient method of mounting the TARGETuner controller to many surfaces.Uses existing case screws for mounting to controller. Surface mounting will require 4 screws (recommended Size #6 x 3/8")*P... Read more

West Mountain Radio TARGETuner SmartMount

The TARGETuner plastic mounting device. Has a suction cup base for mounting the TARGETuner controller to a flat surface. Uses a sticky adhesive for mounting to controller. Read more

West Mountain KW232 Interface Module - 58247-1559

The KW232 Interface Module from West Mountain Radio is a TARGETuner rig control level converter for Kenwood HF Transceivers with an RS-232C CAT jack, such as the TS-480SAT and TS-480HX.This will also work to interface the Kenwood radios to older R... Read more

West Mountain Radio TARGETuner Mobile Antenna M...

TARGETuner Mobile Antenna Management System provides a controller with intelligent automatic controls for the tunable mobile screwdriver antenna, and a Remote RF Module. Performance, Senses RF signal into the antenna No radio data link required ... Read more