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WiNRADiO Communications
WinRADIO Excalibur Pro WR-G33DDC
WinRADIO Excalibur Pro WR-G33DDC
WiNRADiO Communications
WinRADIO Excalibur Pro WR-G33DDC
£1,599.00 (£1,332.50 exc. VAT)
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Product code:G33DDC
Brand:WiNRADiO Communications

The WiNRADiO WR-G33DDC 'EXCALIBUR PRO' is a high-performance, low-cost, direct-sampling, software-defined, shortwave receiver with a frequency range from 9 kHz to 50 MHz. It includes a real-time 50 MHz-wide spectrum analyzer and 4 MHz-wide instantaneous bandwidth available for recording, demodulation and further digital processing. The receiver's superior performance results from its innovative, direct-sampling, digital down-converter architecture along with the use of leading-edge components and design concepts. These all result in a very high IP3, wide dynamic range, high sensitivity, and accurate tuning. These key features create a receiver in a class of its own, with wide application potential, at a very affordable price.

The entire 4 MHz DDC (digitally down-converted) bandwidth is available for recording and demodulation. Three demodulators allow the simultaneous reception of three signal frequencies within the 4 MHz.The receiver's robust front-end is equipped with an ultra-high-linearity amplifier which results in exceptional strong-signal performance. This already robust front-end is further emhanced with a user-selectable preselector that can operate either in a fully automatic or user-configurable mode. As many as 119 different filter combinations can be constructed by the user (91 bandpass, 14 low-pass and 14 high-pass). The front-end employs 34 subminiature electromechanical relays (rather than often used but distortion-prone semiconductor switches) to ensure high dynamic range.A user-selectable low-noise preamplifier provides additional sensitivity for the receiver to be able to extract even the weakest signals from noise.An advanced dithering technique eliminates spurious signals without significantly increasing the receiver’s noise floor. The superior 16-bit 100 MSPS analog-to-digital converter provides exceptional performance over an extremely wide range of signals.

The WINRADIO WR-G33DDC receiver breaks new ground with its state-of-the-art components such as a high performance 16-bit 100 MSPS analog-to-digital converter. It connects to a computer via the USB interface which facilitates receiver control as well as transfer of the 24-bit digitally down-converted I&Q signal. The receiver is very well shielded agaianst interference, making it possible to operate in a noisy computer environment.
The receiver is supplied with an external AC/DC power adaptor, working in linear mode to avoid even the slightest possibility of interference emanating from the power supply.

• 9 kHz to 50 MHz continuous frequency range
• Direct sampling with digital down-conversion
• 16-bit 100 MSPS A/D converter
• 50 MHz-wide, real-time spectrum analyzer
• 4 MHz recording and processing bandwidth
• Continuously adjustable filter bandwidth down to 1Hz
• Three parallel demodulator channels
• Waterfall display functions
• Audio spectrum analyzer
• Audio and IF recording with pre-buffering
• Very high IP3 (+31 dBm)
• Excellent sensitivity (0.20 µV SSB, 0.10 µV CW)
• Excellent dynamic range (107 dB)
• Excellent frequency stability (0.5 ppm)
• Selectable medium-wave filter
• User-configurable preselector
• Selectable low-noise preamplifier
• Test and measurement functions