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Optoelectronics SH055 Wireless Camera Detector
Optoelectronics SH055 Wireless Camera Detector
Optoelectronics SH055 Wireless Camera Detector
£159.00 (£132.50 exc. VAT)
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Product code:SH-005

The SH-005 Mini Camera Detector / Wireless Camera Detector /RF Signal Detector has a frequency range of 50MHz-3GHz and comes in a very samll package. The SH-005 can detect 2.4 GHz wireless cameras from a distance of 2 feet.

SH-005 is specially designed for easy and simple use, which does not require complicated installation instructions or professional knowledge.

Protect your information from being disclosed secretly. The SH-005 is the size of a lipstck case for easy carry to detect anytime, anywhere. In comparison with other small detectors, the SH-005 performs superior in detecting all hidden cameras.

Only a few models can detect the microwave signal of 2.4GHz from 1 foot distance. SH-005 is specially made for detecting hidden cameras.

It is insensitive with the signal of cellular phone. This will reduce most of the false alarms caused by the nearby cellular base station or when someone dials a cellular phone. But its ability to detect FM or UHF bugs is the same or even better than the other bug detectors.