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ZX Antennas.
X-Quad Antenna for 70cm X-QUAD-70CMCD
X-QUAD-70CMCD X-Quad Antenna for 70cm
ZX Antennas.
X-Quad Antenna for 70cm X-QUAD-70CMCD
£174.95 (£145.79 exc. VAT)
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Product code:X-QUAD-70CMCD
Brand:ZX Antennas.

The X-Quad 430-434MHz 'Cut down' version of the antenna is an improved design of the well know multi-element quads of the seventies. The boom is in two sections for ease of packing. It is possible to switch polarisation - horizontal, vertical or circular. It is mounted end-on in front of mast.

Frequency 430-434MH, * Elements per polarisation plane 18, * Gain 12.8dBd,* 3dB angle hor (E) 36, * Ver (H) 36, * Front/Back ratio 21dB, * Max power load 1000W,* Wind Load at 160km/h 48N, * Connector 2x N-type, * Length 1270mm, * Height 220mm,* Weight 1.6kg.