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Yaesu communication

Welcome to the Yaesu communications page. Here, you'll find links for base station transceivers, antennas, portable transceivers along with handheld radios covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the ham radio forums, Like new Yaesu radios/transmitters and more are here for future reference. Yaesu communications for Amateur radio and commercial radio sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in Yaesu communications design.YAESU has consistently represented the best in communications equipment to the world's top DX'ers for over half a century.

Yaesu MTU-160 RF u-tuning Unit

The MTU-160 is an external µ-tuning unit for the FT-2000 series, FTDX5000 series, FTDX9000 series and FT-950 on the 160 meter band. This MTU unit requires the external µ-tuning base kit when not mounted internally (which can only be done on the ... Read more

Yaesu MTU-30/20 RF u-tuning Unit C

On the lower ham bands, the signal voltages impinging on a receiver can create noise and intermodulation effects that can cover up weak signals you're trying to pull through. Three modules (MTU-160, MTU-80/40, and MTU-30/20) are available - these ... Read more

Yaesu MTU-80/40 RF u-tuning Unit B

The MTU-80/40 RF u-tuning Unit B(80/40 band) On the lower ham bands, the signal voltages impinging on a receiver can create noise and intermodulation effects that can cover up weak signals you're trying to pull through. Three modules (MTU-160, MTU... Read more

Yaesu GS-23 Computer Control Board

Yaesu GS-23 Computer Control Board The GS-23 is an optional expansion board that can be installed in the Controller Unit of Yaesu Model G-800SDX, G-1000SDX and G-2800SDX Antenna Rotators for azimuth control. and can also be used with the G-500A E... Read more

Yaesu FT3DR/E Dual Band Digital Transceiver

The new FT3DE provides reliable 5W RF power output in compact design and light weight from factor - W62mm x H100mm x D32.5mm/ 282g. Battery power-saving settings are available for each frequency band with TX output power level (5W/ 2.5W/ 1W/ 0.3W)... Read more


The FTM-400XDE is the first Mobile transceiver to be introduced that is fully compatible with Yaesu System Fusion digital transmission system. The FTM-400XDE has a large 3.5" touch sensitive colour screen. An advanced menu system provides easy acc... Read more

Yaesu G-450 Rotator Medium Duty antenna rotator,


+ Free gift

The Yaesu G-450 Light - Medium Duty Rotator, Wind Load: 1m 2, K Factor: 100 Stationary Torque: 3000kg/cm,Rotation Torque: 600kg/cm,Max Vert Load: 100kg Max Vert Intermittent Load: 300kg,Backlash: 0.5°Mast Size: 32~63 Ø 360° Rotation Time: 65sec... Read more

Yaesu FTA-750L Airband Transceiver with Integra...

The YAESU FTA-750L Combines tradition with innovation. Born from a history of high quality communications the FTA-750L now includes a 66 channel GPS receiver for reliable navigation. Boasting an oversize full dot matrix LCD display, the FTA-750L A... Read more

Yaesu SM-5000 Station monitor for FT-DX5000

The Yaesu SM-5000 station monitor adds sophistication and new capabilities to your FTDX-5000. It has an enhanced stereo speaker system with superb audio quality. 18.5 x 1.8 x 7.2 inches (462x45x181mm). Read more

Yaesu M-100 Dual Element Microphone

The Yaesu M100 features a hybrid design integrating both a high-quality Condenser and Dynamic element. The Condenser Microphone Element produces greater overall frequency response - with clear and crisp audio characteristics - while the Dynamic Mi... Read more

Yaesu ATAS-120A antenna

The Yaesu ATAS-120A mobile antenna system,Designed for use with Yaesu transceivers equipped with the ATAS system ( Active Tuning Antenna System).These Yaesu transceivers are the FT-897, FT-847 and the FT-100/D. The ATAS-120 utilises a motorised tu... Read more

Yaesu FTM-100DE Digital Dual Band Mobile Trans...

The Yaesu FTM-100DE incorporates a wide range of System Fusion and analogue features with the Single Feature Design equipped with a Dot-Matrix Display. The newly designed display of the FTM-100DE is a very compact, vibrant and highly visible Whit... Read more

Yaesu FC-40 Automatic antenna tuner for FT-897-...

The Yaesu FC-40 Automatic ATU for FT-897-857-FT-991-FTDX-101D is a microprocessor controlled antenna tuner unit designed for the 7FT-897-857-FT-991-FTDX-101D series of transceivers. It makes use of the control circuitry built into the transceiver ... Read more

Yaesu SP-9000 External Speaker Dual Speakers-Au...

The Yaesu SP-9000 features two 100mm speakers, offering independent audio paths for the Main and Sub VFO audio output, while the right speaker yields Sub VFO audio. A front panel switch also allows you to combine the audio signals from both recei... Read more

Yaesu FT2DE Dual Band Digital Handheld Transcei...


+ Free gift

We are pleased to announce the new and advanced FT2DE C4FM/FM 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Handheld Transceiver. This Exciting leading edge transceiver is designed with ease of use in mind with a full back-lit touch panel display. The 1.7-inch hig... Read more

Yaesu FT-857/D Front Fascia Control Panel - com...

Genuine Yaesu Part, Brand new head unit sold separately, Will fit and work with both the FT-857 & FT-857D. Read more

Yaesu FT-8900 R/E Quad Band Mobile Transceiver...

The Yaesu FT8900 and Free separation cable, high quality Quad Band FM transceiver providing 50 Watts of power output on the 29/50/144 MHz Amateur bands, and 35 Watts on the 430 MHz band. It includes leading-edge features like cross-band repeat, du... Read more

Yaesu VCT-101 VC-TUNE Unit - FTDX-101D

Yaesu VCT-101 VC-TUNE Unit (Sub FT-DX101D) Read more

Yaesu FTA-550AA/L Airband Transceiver with ILS ...

The YAESU FTA-550 is packed with features, yet very affordable. Boasting an oversize full dot matrix LCD display, the FTA-550 Airband Transceiver provides full communication on the Aircraft communications Band and additionally provides VOR and ILS... Read more

Yaesu FC-30 External Automatic ATU HF/6m for FT...

The Yaesu FC-30 External Automatic ATU is specifically for the FT-897 and covers HF/ 6m. The matching impedance range is from 16.5 Ohms to 150 Ohms (up to 3:1 SWR). Long wire antennas may not be matched unless they fall within this range. Connecti... Read more

Yaesu FT-7900 R/E Dual Band FM Mobile Transcei...

The FT-7900 separation cable kit included,Provides 50 Watts of power on the 144 MHz band, and 40 Watts on the 430 MHz, and is designed for simplicity of operation along with high performance in the receiver section. The FT-7900 is ideal for the ac... Read more

Yaesu FTA-450L Airband Transceiver + SAD-11U + ...

The YAESU FTA-450L is a competitively priced (COMM ONLY) version of the wildly successful FTA-550L and FTA-750L. Featuring the same Easy To Operate icon driven menu system, on a large 1.7" x 1.7" Full Dot Matrix Display. The same Loud 800mW intern... Read more

Yaesu MD-200A8X Ultra High Fidelity Mic

The Yaesu MD-200A8X Ultra High Fidelity Mic which employs a studio-quality dynamic element, optimised for high-fidelity SSB operation, allowing faithful reproduction of the operator’s voice. Yaesu’s exclusive VSPC (Variable Side Pressure Contr... Read more

Yaesu YA-30 Broadband Dipole Antenna

Yaesu YA-30 Broadband Dipole Antenna is designed to provide optimum performance over a wide frequency range. The usual requirements for multiple antennas or an antenna tuner between the transceiver and the antenna are eliminated by the unique broa... Read more