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Yaesu communication

Welcome to the yaesu communications page. Here, you'll find links for base station transceivers, antennas, portable transceivers along with handheld radios covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the ham radio forums, like new yaesu radios/transmitters and more are here for future reference. Yaesu communications for amateur radio and commercial radio sold here, we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in yaesu communications design. Yaesu has consistently represented the best in communications equipment to the world's top dx'ers for over half a century.

Yaesu FTM-400E/XDE Controller Mounting Bracket

Yaesu FTM-400XDE Controller Mounting Bracket, Genuine Yaesu part. these brackets fit a varity of Yaesu radios, check compatibily before ordering! Read more

Yaesu RA0404200 Encoder Knob Dial for FT-8900 F...

Yaesu RA0404200 Encoder Knob Dial for FT-8900 FT-8800, Genuine Yaesu Part. Fits the Yaesu FT-8900 and FT-8800 could fit others. Read more

Yaesu RA040480A FT-8900 FT-8800 Sub Panel Assembly

Yaesu RA040480A FT-8900 FT-8800 Sub Panel Assembly, genuine Yaesu part! Read more

Yaesu E-DC-6 External DC Cable

Yaesu E-DC-6 External DC Cable, External DC cable. Option for VX-5R, FT-50R. ft-817nd. Read more

Replacement Foam Earpad for Yaesu YH-77STA

Replacement Foam Earpad for Yaesu YH-77STAGenuine Yaesu Part, Direct replacement. May also fit other headphones. Each earpad sold individually, not as a set! Last of stock Read more

Replacement Yaesu Select Switch For SP-8

Replacement Yaesu Select Switch For SP-8, Genuine Yaesu part. Part Number - R3521720This may also fit other models! Read more

Yaesu CLIP-14 (Spare) Belt Clip for VX-7R

Spare CLIP-14 (Spare) Belt Clip for VX-7R Read more

FT-847 replacement Power Switch

FT-847 replacement Power Switch Replacement On/Off power switch for the FT-847. Read more

Yaesu FT-60E/R Replacement Speaker

Yaesu FT-60E/R Replacement Speaker Genuine Yaesu Part, Straight replacement from the factory may also fit others! Read more

Yaesu carrying handle For FT-450 Series - MHG-1

The Yaesu MHG-1 carrying handle FOR FT-450, FT-450AT and FT-450D. Read more

Yaesu YHA-60/64 144/MHz Antenna Adaptor End Piece

Yaesu YHA-60/64 144/MHz Antenna Adapter End Piece, Designed for the YHA-60/64 antenna which came with the VX7R, VX5R etc. Read more

Yaesu CN-3 SMA To BNC Antenna Adaptor

The Yaesu CN-3 SMA To BNC Antenna Adaptor, SMA To BNC Antenna adaptor. Option for VX-5R, VX-2E, VX-1R, FT-50R. Read more

Yaesu CA-34 Charger Sleeve for VR-120

The CA-34 Charger Sleeve for VR-120, Charger Sleeve for VR-120 Read more

Yaesu MMB-82 FT-857/D Mobile Mounting Bracket

Genuine Yaesu Part, FT-857/D Mobile Mounting Bracket. Fits both the FT-857 & FT-857D may also fit other radio's depending on the diameters. Read more

Yaesu CT-44 Microphone adaptor.

The CT-44 Microphone Adapter for: VX-5R VX-2E VX-110 VX-150 and FT-60E etc. Read more

Yaesu CD-40 Charger Cradle for BH-1/BH-2

The Charger Cradle for BH-1/BH-2Requires NC-85 psu Read more

Yaesu CD-26 charging cradle

The Yaesu CD-26 is a charging cradle for Yaesu Marine Handhelds. Read more

Yaesu S8002051 (MMB-83) mobile mounting bracket

Yaesu S8002051 (MMB-83) mobile mounting bracket,Original equipment for the FT-2900r. Read more

Replacement Fused Power Lead for Yaesu FT-817/ND

The T9023003 fused power lead for FT-817, genuine Yaesu Part. Read more

Yaesu Radio N-type Chassis Socket 2 Hole

N-type Chassis Socket 2 Hole, fits most Yaesu, Icom and Kenwood transceivers. Read more

Replacement Dial Face For Yaesu G-450

Replacement Dial Face For Yaesu G-450, Genuine replacement part. Built for the Yaesu G-450 rotator may fit others, part number - S8000161 Read more

YAESU YHA-68 Replacement VHF Rubber Flex Antenn...

The YAESU YHA-68 Q3000220 Replacement VHF Rubber Flex Antenna For FT-270R. Read more