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ZX Antennas.
7-element 10m Mono Band Beam ZX10-7
ZX10-7  7-element 10m Mono Band Beam
ZX Antennas.
7-element 10m Mono Band Beam ZX10-7
£519.95 (£433.29 exc. VAT)
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Product code:ZX-10-7
Brand:ZX Antennas.

Special ZX Antennas made to order, delivery delay 7-14 days,

The 7-element 10m Mono Band Beam, The famous ZX Mono Band Yagis designed by ON4UN. DX antennas are a gain optimised design with longer boom and up to 1dB more gain. Low to medium Q results in high bandwidth and insensitive to the surrounding antenna environment. Single band antennas have a number of advantages and are the purist form of Yagi.
Element spacing is critical for optimum F/B ratio and forward gain. With multi-band antennas the designer has to compromise and no band reaches optimum gain of F/B ratio. When it comes to matching the feed impedance, you have the perfect match because you only have one band to worry about. Gamma matching has long been advocated by the World's antenna designers. The beauty of gamma matching is that it is simple, reliable, lossless and easily adjustable. And finally there are no traps to introduce losses that otherwise occur.

* 10m Monobander
* Elements: 7
* Power rating: 3kW
* Forward gain: 14.1dB
* VSWR: 1.2:1 (typical)
* Boom length: 14.6m
* Weight 32kg