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Radio-tone products

Radio-tone products

Radio-tone products

Radio-tone is a company that specializes in manufacturing and selling a wide range of products related to radio communication. Their product lineup includes handheld radios, mobile radios, base station radios, repeaters, and accessories such as antennas, microphones, and batteries. The handheld radios are compact and portable, making them ideal for outdoor activities and emergency situations. The mobile radios are designed for use in vehicles and provide reliable communication over long distances. The base station radios are suitable for use in offices, warehouses, and other fixed locations, offering enhanced coverage and features.
Radio-tone rt-3 handheld

Radio-tone rt-3 handheld

RT3 RADIO-TONE 3G ANDROID WALKIE TALKIE ZELLO SMARTPHONE• Enhanced GSM/WCDMA Antenna• 5.0MP Rear Camera• Support GPS/BDS• Support Zello PTT• 3500mAh E...

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