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Talking Headsets

Talking Headsets

Talking Headsets

Talking headsets are a type of audio device that allows users to communicate hands-free. They consist of a headset with a built-in microphone and speaker, which can be worn on the head or around the neck. These headsets are commonly used in various industries and activities, such as call centers, gaming, and sports. They provide clear and high-quality audio transmission, allowing users to have conversations or listen to audio without the need to hold a phone or device. Some headsets also offer additional features, such as noise cancellation and wireless connectivity. Overall, talking headsets are a convenient and practical solution for hands-free communication.
2talk pro (headset only)

2talk pro (headset only)

The 2talk Pro (AK6592) headset allows hands-free, full duplex encrypted communication between two matching headsets up to 200 metres apart.Communicati...

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