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CB radio Microphones

CB radio Microphones

CB radio Microphones

CB radio microphones are essential accessories for communicating over CB radios. They allow users to transmit their voice signals to other CB radio users within a certain range. These microphones are designed to be handheld and have a push-to-talk button that activates the transmission. CB radio microphones come in various types, including dynamic microphones, electret microphones, and noise-canceling microphones. Dynamic microphones are commonly used due to their durability and ability to handle high sound pressure levels. Electret microphones are known for their sensitivity and clear audio quality. Noise-canceling microphones are designed to reduce background noise and enhance the clarity of the transmitted voice. CB radio microphones typically have a coiled cord that connects to the CB....

Super star silver salute

The SILVER SALUTE is Superior Quality Base Microphone For the CB. And Amateur Communications Enthusiast. That is entirely chrome plated and features a...
Astatic Road Devil Mic

Astatic road devil mic

Astatic Road Devil radio power microphone with volume control that boosts power and amplifies audio. Electret noise canceling element assures clarity ...