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Iambic Paddle key

Iambic Paddle key

Iambic Paddle key

The "iambic" functions of an electronic keyer that is designed to support them. The operator can create a series of alternating dits and dahs (similar to a sequence of iambs in poetry) by squeezing the levers together. For that reason, dual paddles are sometimes called squeeze keys. Whether the sequence begins with a dit or a dah is dependent on which lever is closed first. If the dah lever is closed first, then the first element will be a dah, so the string of elements will be similar to a sequence of trochees in poetry and the method could as logically be called "trochaic keying". Insofar as iambic keying is a function of the electronic keyer, it is technically incorrect to refer to a dual paddle as an "iambic" paddle, although this has often been done for marketing purposes. A dual padd...


The VIBROCUBE, Scott Robbins, W4PA, the owner of Vibroplex. One of the things I've heard again and again from American hams is how we don't like our s...

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