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Icom HF Accessories

Welcome to the Icom HF Accessories page. Here, you'll find links for Icom HF Accessories, In addition, specific models mentioned in the Icom HF Accessories forum Like Icom Accessories including antennas,filters, icom desk microphones, icom power supplies ,icom speakers, and more are here for future reference. Icom HF Accessories for Amateur radio-commercial radio.

Icom PS-126 - Power Supply- replaces the PS-125

The Icom PS-126 external switching power supply unit replaces the PS-125. The PS-126 looks the same as its predecessor but now features a 4-pin contact that allows it to work with the IC-7200, IC-7000, IC-9100 and the IC-7600. Read more

icom FL-257 455kHz Filter SSB wide 3.3kHz

FL-257 455kHz Filter SSB wide 3.3kHz/-6dB. Option: IC-746, IC-718, IC-703, IC-R75 Read more

icom UT-122 P25 digital unit

The Icom UT-122 - P25 digital unitProvides APCO P25 digital mode reception Read more

Icom SP-41 Matching Speaker for IC-7610

The Icom SP-41 speaker is designed to perfectly complement several of Icom's communications products. The SP-41 is equipped with two tone select switches:Matching extension speaker for IC-7610, High: Cut/Wide and Low: Cut1/Cut2. This allows you to... Read more

Icom SP-38 external desktop speaker for IC-7300

The SP-38 external desktop speaker has been specifically designed to complement the appearance of the IC-7300 as well as improving the listening experience from its large diameter speaker. Read more

FL-232 9MHz Filter CW/RTTY narrow 350Hz

FL-232 9MHz Filter CW/RTTY narrow 350Hz FL-232 9MHz Filter CW/RTTY narrow 350Hz/-6dB. Option: IC-746, IC-706 Read more

Icom RS-8500 Computer Control Software for IC-R...

RS-8500 Computer Control Software for IC-R8500Compatible with Windows 95 and Windows 98 only. Any other operating system is down to the end user's decision as to whether they want to try and get it working. Read more

Icom OPC-1465 shielded control cable

The OPC-1465 is a shieled control cable at a length of 10m/32.8ft to control the AT-141. Read more


A new accessory for Icom’s IC-7300, the MyDEL-7300SPG, a pair of side panel guards with handles with integrated protection for the rear panel. Metal construction in satin black, the kit is supplied with a set of stainless-steel mounting screws ... Read more

WCS-9700 Programming Software for the Icom IC-...

RT Systems WCS-9700 Programming software makes it easy to manage memory channel information and other menu settings of the Icom IC-9700. Spreadsheet layout with many point and click options."Read" the current configuration from the radio for editi... Read more

Icom MB-121 Carrying Handle for IC-7600 with Feet

Icom MB-121 Carrying Handle for IC-7600 Genuine Icom MB-121 carrying handle for IC-7600Last Of the new stock in the UK! Read more

Icom GPS Aerial for UT-123

GPS Aerial for UT-123 IC-E2820 Read more

Icom 6 pin to 4 pin power supply Conversion Lead

Icom 6 pin to 4 pin Conversion Lead, If you have an Icom power supply this converts from 6 pin to 4 pin allowing you to use your older power supply on a newer radio. Read more

Nifty Mini Manual and Card Icom IC-R20

Nifty mini-manual for IC-R20 - Mini-manual and Tri-folded Reference Card Combination for the ICOM IC-R20 Receiver / ScannerThe combo includes a full featured 12 page spiral-bound Mini-manual, plus a Tri-folded Quick Reference Card for your wallet.... Read more

icom BC-06 Spare PSU for BC-135

The Icom BC-06 Spare PSU for BC-135 Spare PSU for IC-PCR1000 & IC-PCR100 & for IC-R3 with BC-135 AND adaptor for use with Icom VHF radio chargers. Read more

Icom Lithium Memory Battery for IC-7000

Lithium Battery ML920S/F9D for the Icom IC-7000, Battery may fit others please check compatibility with your radio! Read more

Icom Flip Foot for IC-746 - IC-756 Series

Icom IC-746/756 Front Stand, Genuine Icom replacement front stand for the IC-746 and IC-756/Pro/ProI/ProII/ProII may also fit many others!Item comes with Main & Sub Stand. Screws can also be provided separate above. *Only 1 set will be supplied* Read more

Icom microphone clip mic.003

A self adhesive microphone clip holder for microphones with a hook, Read more

Icom Male Antenna Tuner Plug with Pins

Icom Antenna Tuner Plug with Pins, Genuine Icom parts with pins. Read more