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Sandpiper antennas

Welcome to the Sandpiper antennas hf-VHF-UHF Base antenna page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas covering vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Antennas forum Like beam antennas,antennas yagis,portable ham antenna and more are here for future reference. Sandpiper Amateur radio Antenna sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern inprovements in antenna design.

Sandpiper MV10 Copper Earth Rod

The Sandpiper MV10 Copper Earth Rod, MV 10 RANGE 48″ earth rod. Read more

Sandpiper 2m - 3 element beam antenna 5DBd

The Sandpiper 2m - 3 element beam antenna 5 DBd, Stainless steel elements screw out for transport. 2 mtr. 3 element. 150 watts. 50 Ohm. SO239. No tuning needed. 650 gm. Read more

Sandpiper 2m MHz 3 Element Delta Quad - So239 f...

The Sandpiper Delta Quad is for home base or can be used portable, only 4″ x 27″(10cm x 70cm)disassembled. fixing clamp is to 25mm tube with thumbscrew .wire quads with f/glass arms.weight; 600 gm.size; 75 cm long.span; approx 70cmSuitable a... Read more

Sandpiper 6 Element 70cm Yagi Beam Antenna

12.1 DBi. 200 watts. Stainless steel elements. no tuning. 50 Ohm. SO239 feed point. Weight; 550 gm. Size; 150 cm. Mounting clamp included. British made! Read more

Sandpiper 6 Element Cross Beam Antenna For 70cm...

Product Description 12.1 DBi. Stainless steel elements, British made 50 Ohm. 2 separate SO239 feedpoints. 200 watts. weight; 800 gm. Size; 120 cm. Mounting clamp included. Read more

Sandpiper 12 Element ZL Special Yagi Beam For 70cm

Gain; 14 DBd. 200 watts, 50 Ohm. SO239 feed point, weight; 660 gm. size; 150 cm. Mounting clamp included. British made, good quality! Read more

LOG PERIODIC 100 to 1500 MHZ Stainless steel el...

LOG PERIODIC Sandpiper aerial - 100 to 1500 MHZ Stainless steel elements "N" type socket Also TX on 145/440/1300 mhz Boom 1.45 mtrs 7.9 DB 400 watts Read more