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Tecsun | Portable | world band radio
Tecsun S2000 | Desktop receiver | HF | VHF | Airband | SSB
Tecsun | Portable | world band radio
Tecsun S2000 | Desktop receiver | HF | VHF | Airband | SSB
£299.94 (£249.95 exc. VAT)
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Product code:S-2000
Brand:Tecsun | Portable | world band radio

The Tecsun S2000 Desktop receiver with HF and VHF Airband, FM, Stereo/LW/MW/SW/Airband + SSB (Single Side Band) PLL Synthesized desktop receiver, Enjoy your shortwave / long wave / medium wave and even VHF airband listening with this quality receiver. The Tecsun S2000 has just arrived with us and we are sure it will be a very popular choice with shortwave listeners, especially at this price !

Within minutes of powering on, you'll be operating the Tecsun S2000 with ease. The LCD display panel is clear and easy on the eye, and has a switchable backlight too. It has a great sound too, with independent bass and treble controls, and a good quality front-facing loudspeaker. The receiver has full coverage of HF from 1.7 - 30 MHz in AM/LSB/USB, Long wave band from 100 - 519 KHz, Medium wave band from 520 - 1710 KHz, FM band 88 - 108 MHz (stereo with headphones), and of course the VHF Civil Airband from 118 - 137 MHz in AM.

A host of other user friendly controls include a handy signal attenuator, squelch, RF Gain, large VFO tuning knob, an S-Meter, and other nice touches like 2x BNC outputs for use with external antennas, a stereo line output, and wide & narrow filters fitted.

Run the Tecsun S2000 indoors from the supplied mains adaptor, or take to the hills and run it from battery power - just 4x D size batteries will give many hours of happy listening out in the fresh air! It's also fitted with a handy dual alarm clock function, and a massive custom 1,000 memory channels for storing all of your favourite stations... there's only one thing missing from the Tecsun S2000..............a big price tag!