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Icom IC-9700 transceiver with Free SP-38 Speaker

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Icom SP-38 external desktop speaker for IC-7300 - IC-9700 improve the listening experience from its large diameter speaker.

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The Icom IC-9700 is the first VHF/UHF/1200 MHz transceiver which introduces the RF direct sampling system for the 144 and 430 MHz bands, a real-time spectrum scope, and waterfall function. The RF direct sampling system has already provided high performance in Icom's IC-7610 and IC-7300 HF transceivers. In addition, the spectrum scope and waterfall function have been indispensable tools for operators to increase QSO opportunities, without missing weak signals. The radio has many other impressive features including a built-in 1200 MHz band, 4.3 inch TFT color touchscreen display, full-duplex with Dual watch on separate bands, Satellite mode, D-STAR DV (Digital Voice) /DD (Digital Data) modes, and Terminal/Access point modes. Also, a newly designed power amplifier and cooling system provide stable and high-efficiency operation, even when continuously transmitting for a long time.

The IC-9700 is also the perfect companion to the IC-7300 HF radio. Measuring the same size, both radios provide almost identical operations. Using the IC-9700 and IC-7300 creates the ultimate, compact radio station covering the VHF, UHF, HF, and 1200 MHz bands. The IC-9700 is the only VHF/UHF all-mode transceiver that enables a variety of VHF/UHF operations including DX, contests, satellite/EME, and D-STAR.

144, 430, and 1200 MHz All Mode Transceiver Including Satellite, DV, and DD Modes,

Without installing any option unit, you can enjoy Multi-band operation. The IC-9700 includes D-STAR (a digital voice and data protocol specification for amateur radio) DV and DD modes. In addition, Satellite mode is built-in! There are three antenna connectors for 144, 430, and 1200 MHz.

Incorporates Icom’s RF Direct Sampling System,

The IC-9700 adopts the RF Direct Sampling system (for 144 MHz and 430 MHz). In this system, signals are processed in the digital domain by the ADC and FPGA. This is different from legacy superheterodyne systems, where the signals are processed in a mixer that includes nonlinear elements. Therefore, the signal purity is very high, and clear audio can be generated. For 1200 MHz, the Down Conversion IF Sampling method is adopted.

Instinctive Operation with the Touch Screen,

You can easily set the operating frequency or mode by touching the standby screen. The MENU screen allows you intuitively change settings including those for satellite communication or D-STAR operation. Entering Memory channel names is easy to do on the character input screen.

The Very First VHF/UHF Real-Time Spectrum Scope and Waterfall Display,

This is the first time that a real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display comparable to an HF high-tier transceiver has been introduced in a VHF/UHF transceiver. With the high-speed spectrum scope, you can instantly grasp your operating band condition and you can set the frequency to a destination signal with a simple touch on the screen. You can also view receive signal history using the waterfall display.

Independent Receiver, Full-Duplex Operation,

The IC-9700 can simultaneously receive on two different bands and two different modes. For example, you can receive on the 1200 MHz band in AM mode while receiving on the 144 MHz band in FM mode. This function will be a significant advantage when participating in contests, or DX hunting. Furthermore, the IC-9700 is a Full Duplex that enables you to transmit on the main band while receiving on the sub-band allowing you to enjoy Satellite operation.

Audio Scope Function,

Making good use of the Audio Scope function, various Audio characteristics, such as microphone compressor level, filter width, notch filter width, and keying waveform in CW mode can be monitored. Transmit or receive audio can either be displayed on the FFT scope and the oscilloscope.

Newly Designed Power Amplifier,

The power amplifier outputs stable power with high efficiency (144/430 MHz band: 100/70 watts). The cooling system prevents the PA’s temperature from rising, even when operating for a long time. That enables reliable operation during contests. This amplifier is more energy-efficient than previous models.

D-STAR Operating Functions,

The IC-9700 has the D-STAR Repeater (DR) function. The DR function can be used on both the main band and sub-band. Moreover, by using the DD mode, you can browse the Internet through a repeater station.

Built-in “Remote” Function, Terminal mode, and Access Point mode

A static IP address can be set to the transceiver. If you set a global IP address to your router, you can use the Terminal mode or Access Point mode without remote software applications.

Almost Identical User Interface to the IC-7300,

The layout of the dials and keys and the menu screens are almost the same as the IC-7300. If you are familiar with the IC-7300, the IC-9700 will be easy to operate. The IC-9700 is the perfect side-by-side companion to the IC-7300, enabling operation from HF to 1200 MHz.

Comprehensive Menus for Satellite Operation,

The selectable Main, Sub, Normal, and Reverse Satellite Screen menus make Satellite operation easier. Even in Satellite mode, you can use the high-quality spectrum scope.

Normal and Reverse Tracking functions,

In addition to the Reverse Tracking function, there is also a Normal Tracking function that simultaneously increases or decreases both the downlink and uplink frequencies in the same steps.

AFC function,

Automatic Frequency Control follows the frequency change caused by the Doppler effect thus maintaining a stable receive condition.

Up to 99 Satellite Memory channels,

The IC-9700 has 99 satellite memory channels that allow you to store both uplink and downlink frequencies and operating mode.

Other functions,

• Large and clear audio

• Compatible with the RS-BA1 Version 2 (Built-in server function) and CI-V commands

• Digital Twin PBT

• CW functions: Full break-in, CW memory keyer, CW reverse, CW auto tuning

• SD card slot

• TX/RX audio recording

• Screen capture...and more.

All mode, tri-band transceiver covering the 144, 430/440 as well as 1200 MHz,

Real-time, high-speed spectrum scope for the 144, 430/440, 1200 MHz bands,

New PA provides a powerful 100 W (144 MHz), 75 W (430/440 MHz), and 10 W (1200 MHz) output,

Dual watch operation and full-duplex operation in the satellite mode,

Follows Icom’s center display design style with a 4.3-inch touch screen color TFT LCD,

D-STAR provides digital clear audio and Internet-capable communication,

Smooth satellite operation with normal/ reverse tracking and 99 satellite channels,

Digital Data (DD) mode provides 128 kbps data communication,


Frequency coverage: 144.000–148.000, 430.000–450.000, 1240.000–1300.000 MHz

144.000–146.000, 430.000–440.000, 1240.000–1300.000 MHz


Number of channels: 107 (99 Simplex + 6 Program scan edges + 2 CALL) × 3 bands, 99 (Satellite) , 2000 (DR function)

Antenna connectors: 144 MHz SO-239 (50 Ω),430/440, 1200 MHz Type-N (50 Ω)

Power supply requirement: 13.8 V DC ±15% (Negative ground)

Power consumption: TX Less than 18 A (High power) RX 1.2 A typical (Standby), Less than 1.8 A (Maximum audio)

Operating temperature range: −10 °C to + 60 °C; 14 ˚F to 140 ˚F

Frequency stability: Less than ± 0.5 ppm (–10°C to + 60°C; 14˚F to 140˚F)

Frequency resolution: 1 Hz

Dimensions: 240 × 94 × 238 mm, 9.4 × 3.7 × 9.4 in (W × H × D, projections not included)

Weight: 4.7 kg, 10.4 lb (approximate)


Output power:

144 MHz 0.5–100 W 0.125–25 W

430/440 MHz 0.5–75 W 0.125–18.75 W

1200 MHz 0.1–10 W 0.025–2.5 W

Modulation system:

SSB Digital PSN modulation

FM Digital Reactance modulation

AM Digital Low Power modulation

DV Digital GMSK Reactance modulation

DD Digital Quadrature modulation

Spurious emissions:

144 MHz Less than –63 dB Less than −60 dB

Carrier suppression: More than 50 dB

Unwanted sideband: More than 50 dB

Microphone impedance: 600 Ω

430/440 MHz Less than –61.8 dB Less than −60 dB

1200 MHz Less than −53 dB Less than −50 dB


Receiver system: 144, 430/440 MHz RF Direct Sampling

1200 MHz Down Conversion IF Sampling

Intermediate frequency: 311–371 MHz (1200 MHz)

Sensitivity (Preamp: ON, Filter: SOFT):

SSB/CW (10 dB S/N) Less than 0.11 μV

AM (10 dB S/N) Less than 1.0 μV

FM (12 dB SINAD) Less than 0.18 μV

DV (1% BER) (PN9) Less than 0.35 μV

DD (1% BER) (PN9) Less than 1.59 μV

Selectivity (Filter: SHAPE):

SSB (BW=2.4 kHz) More than 2.4 kHz/−3 dB, Less than 3.6 kHz/−60 dB

CW (BW=500 Hz) More than 500 Hz/−3 dB, Less than 700 Hz/−60 dB

RTTY (BW=500 Hz) More than 500 Hz/−3 dB, Less than 700 Hz/−60 dB

AM (BW=6 kHz) More than 6 kHz/−3 dB, Less than 15 kHz/−60 dB

FM (BW=15 kHz) More than 12 kHz/−6 dB, Less than 20 kHz/−60 dB

DV (12.5 kHz spacing) More than −50 dB

DD (300 kHz spacing) More than −40 dB

Spurious and image rejection ratio:

SSB/CW 144, 430/440 MHz More than 70 dB, 1200 MHz More than 50 dB

AM/FM/DV 144, 430/440 MHz More than 60 dB, 1200 MHz More than 50 dB

DD 1200 MHz More than 50 dB

Audio output power: More than 2.0 W (1 kHz, 10% distortion) into an 8 Ω load.