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Icom communication
Icom IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver, HM-198 Included
Icom IC-7100
Icom communication
Icom IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver, HM-198 Included

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Product code:IC-7100
Brand:Icom communication

The Icom IC-7100 is designed to the 70MHz band in European versions where 70MHz is open to Amateur radio enthusiasts, Touch Screen Control Portal An amateur radio first! The radio control head features a large, multi-function, "touch screen"' Dot-Matrix LCD display that is positioned for easy view and operation. This is an important feature as the controller display not only provides information, but is your control portal to the IC-7100's feature settings and menus.Control Head Breaking the concept that a radio panel should be flat, the IC-7100's control head is designed for an optimal view angle for the LCD as well as the spacing for large fingers, and plenty of room to have a large internal speaker along with a CW key jack, phone/speaker, microphone, and control cable.

The IC-7100 provides D-STAR DV mode digital voice and low speed data communication.

IF DSP features
The latest 32-bit floating point DSP supports many digital processing features such as digital IF filter, twin PBT, manual notch filters. Of course, those high-grade digital processing features work on all ham bands, from HF to the 70cm band.

Other features
- Built-in SD Card Slot for voice storage and data cloning
- Dual DSP chips deliver versatile digital processing performance
- Built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder
- Multi-function meter
- SWR graphic display
- DSP controller RF speech compressor
- Total of 505 memory channels
- Voice recording and playback functions
- 70-70.5MHz coverage, 50W output power (for Europe versions only, varies according to version.)
- 0.5ppm high frequency stability
- Optional RS-BA1 IP control remote control software

Supplied accessories
- Hand microphone
- DC power cable
- Electronic key plug
- Spare fuses
- Key plug
- ACC cable
- Separation cable

Icom IC-7100 Instruction Manual

Frequency coverage (Unit: MHz)

Receiver*1 0.030–199.999*2 400.000–470.000*2

Release E4 of the IC-7100 firmware and Ver. 1.10 of the CS-7100 cloning software can be downloaded from the following URL from the Icom Inc website:


Before you install the firmware, download and read carefully the installation guide using the link on the firmware update page.

IC-7100’s improvements

CI-V commands for antenna control, logging software and RIT.

Important Information

Refer to IC-7100 Firmware update information— Release E4 for details.

• To install the added features on Release E4 using the cloning software, use CS-7100 Revision 1.10.

• A mini-B type USB cable is required.

• You must install the USB driver before connecting the USB cable between the IC-7100 and the PC.

• Thoroughly read "Firmware update instructions" to know what the update requires.

• Save the transceiver’s data onto an SD card or to your PC using the CS-7100 cloning software. It is possible that your data could get lost during the update.

• Never turn OFF the transceiver power or disconnect the USB cable during the update.

• You must update both the controller (front panel) and the transceiver at the same time.

• The following firmware has been updated:

• CPU M to Version 1.10

• CPU C to Version 1.10

CS-7100’s improvement

[CI-V Output (for ANT)] setting item is added to output the status such as frequency and so on to the antenna connector from the [REMOTE] jack and the [USB] connector.

Important Information

• You must have the CS-7100 cloning software installed BEFORE you update to revision 1.10.

• Use the IC-7100 Release E4 firmware version to use the added feature in CS-7100 Revision 1.10.

• CS-7100 Revision 1.10 can read icf files that are made by Revision 1.01 or earlier.

• In CS-7100 revision 1.10 file, the latest USB driver (version 1.20) is not included. To use a USB 3.0 device, download the necessary USB 3.0 compatible driver.