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Optoelectronics Inc
VS5800 Video Sweeper
VS5800 Video Sweeper
Optoelectronics Inc
VS5800 Video Sweeper
£999.00 (£832.50 exc. VAT)
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Product code:VS5800
Brand:Optoelectronics Inc

VS5800 Video Sweeper is a fast scanning receiver that detects wireless video cameras from 970MHz-5.8GHz. 

With a 3.5” TFT color LCD the VS5800 shows you what the hidden camera is looking at. The unit quickly scans all the available video frequencies used in about 30 seconds. If audio is present on the targeted camera the VS5800 will demodulate the audio through the speaker output.

The VS5800 works with a full range of video protocols including NTSC or PAL/SECAM systems. The VS5800 has both an automatic and manual scan mode. The VS5800 has three 3.5mm A/V outputs and an 2.5mm earphone output.

The VS5800 can detect signals from as far away as 300 feet depending upon the power output of the transmitter.


The VS5800 comes with 3 antennas, one each for the 1.2, 2.4 and 5.8GHz bands, carry case, AC adapter, internal rechargeable battery pack, earphone and A/V cables.



Frequency Range 970MHz to 5.8GHz

Detects NTSC or PAL/SECAM systems

Sweeps 1.2, 2.4 and 5.8 GHz bands simultaneously

Audio demodulation through speaker output

 A/V outputs for all three bands

 Detection distance up to 300 feet

3.5” TFT color LCD display

Scans frequency ranges in 30 seconds

Includes AC adapter, three antennas, carry case, earphone   and A/V cables

Operates on AC power or internal rechargeable battery pack

40 minutes operation on full charge

Automatic or manual scan modes

Audio and Video output jacks for external use

Size: 5.5”H x 6.5”W x 2”D