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RM Amplifiers
RM-BLA-350 300W Solid State Amplifier
RM-BLA-350 300W Solid State Amplifier
RM Amplifiers
RM-BLA-350 300W Solid State Amplifier
£799.00 (£665.83 exc. VAT)
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Product code:BLA-350 RM
Brand:RM Amplifiers

The RM BLA 350 Immediate use without setup - Change band instant, no tuning required No pre-heating, high protection against ROS - Cooling system forced variable speed - Band display and error operation - Selector for Automatic or Manual - Uses 2 SD 2941 10 matched - Operation 50 Volts, low distortion and linear amplification.

Frequency 1.5-30MHz

Power 110 or 230/240 VAC

Power consumption 800 A

Input power 1-14 W

Output power 250-300 W

Modo All

Fuse 4 A

Level of output power 2

Dimensions 155x355x270 mm

Peso 13 kg

Possible to customise many options.
Using two MosFets SD 2941-10
operates from 50 Volts for efficient,
low distortion and linear RF power service.
Fan speed is regulated by temperature sensors,
assuring minimum noise for adeguate cooling.
A large heat-sink permits a long QSO times at max power