W2IHY EQPLUS Audio Processor designed For 8Band EQ
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The EQplus is designed to be directly attached to either your microphone (Icom, Yaesu or Kenwood) or to the W2IHY’s 8-band EQ (W2EDGE), or to your Kenwood, Icom, or Yaesu HF transceiver. The EQplus provides Audio Compression, Downward Expansion, Effects and connectivity to three radios. There is a choice of three different mic impedances, 200, 600, and 50k Ohms, and there is a 5V supply for mics that require this such as Icom HM-12, HM-36, and SM-6 and Heil HMI and ICM which can be plugged in direct to the unit.

Features include a LED bar graph that indicates pk-to-pk audio levels, an equalizer with separate Bass and Treble controls, and a Compressor /Downward Expander. There are two effects in the Effects Processor, Effect 1 emulates dampening sound-reflecting multiple time from a surface, and Effect 2 emulates sound-reflecting once from a surface plus there is a delay control which controls the speed delay up to 80 milliseconds

* Audio compression * Downward expansion
* Mic input impedance 200/600 Ohms or High
* Headphone monitor * LED level indicators
* Input: 8-pin, phono or Aux * Supply: 12V DC
* Size 228 x 100 x 130mm
* Weight 530g

Product Specifications

Dual-Band Audio Equalizer

•Bass & Treble independently adjustable +/- 12 dB

•Equalizer bypass switch (on/off)

Audio Compressor Adjustable compression control

•Wideband frequency response

•Extremely low distortion

•Compressor bypass switch (on/off)

Downward Expander

•Sophisticated technology for background noise reduction

•Adjustable threshold control


•Fixed limiting manages internal signal level

•Harmonious relationship with compressor

Effects Processor

•Acoustic enhancement for brighter, smoother top-end

•Independent delay & level controls

•3-way switch: effect one, effect two, effects off

Audio Input Connectors

•The famous W2IHY I-K-Y 8-pin mic jack/selector switch

•RCA phono jack

•DIN (aux input)

Input Impedance Select

•3-way switch: 600 ohm, 200 ohm, Hi-Z

Input Gain Control

•Simple, quick input gain adjustment

•Low noise pre-amp

•Wide-range for mic-level & line-level signals

Mic Power

•Provides 5VDC to mic cartridge

•On/off switch

Output Level Control

•Set precise drive level to your radio

•Mic-level output

•Line-level output

Three Audio Output Ports

•Interface up to 3 radios

•Rear panel port selector switch

•Low-Z balanced and unbalanced output

•Hi-Z output option

•5-pin DIN connectors

•Pre-wired cable assemblies available (optional)

LED Bar Graph

10-segment multi-color display

•Monitors internal audio peak-to-peak levels

•Displays compressor action

•Indicates onset of limiting

PTT Input (RCA jack)

•Adds push to talk control for non-ptt mics

•Can be used with foot switch, etc.

Headphone Monitor

•High-quality audio amplifier

•¼” rear panel stereo jack

•Front panel monitor level control

Operating Environment

•Designed specifically for amateur radio use adjacent to transmitters and rf amplifiers

•Extensive RFI protection & isolation from hum and ground loops


•Steel enclosure

•Black finish with white lettering. Attractive in any shack

•Dimensions: 8-7/8” X 5” X 4”


•7-14V (100ma) wall transformer provided

•LED indicator and on/off switch


•30 day no questions asked money back guarantee

•3 year parts and labor warranty

•Free technical support