W2ihy iplus audio switch
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W2ihy iplus audio switch

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W2ihy iplus audio switch

W2ihy iplus audio switch

iPlus by W2IHY How many times have you wanted to send your rack or W2IHY audio to more than just one radio with the ease of simply turning a big switch in front of you?

You know the hassles involved. You must disconnect your rack’s output to the radio that you normally use, then re-connect it to a different radio. And if you are fortunate, the input connector on the other radio will be the same. More often than not, the other radio will use a different connector.

If you are not so fortunate, then a cable will have to be built and then plugged in every time you switch radios. Then you have to plug in the amplifier control line from the radio to your amplifier. Then you have to connect a PTT line to the radio. Then you have to plug in your speaker(s) to the radio. Then you have to reset all of your levels..... What a hassle.

If you hate the scenario above, then the iplus was designed just for you!

No more plugging and unplugging cables to send your rack audio to more than one radio.

Once you connect your cables from the iplus to your existing radios (up to 3) and connect the PTT, amplifier, and speaker cables, you’re done.

Imagine simply turning a switch to send your rack audio to one of three radios, and at the same time having the PTT, amplifier, and speaker connections all ready to go. This is a no-brainer for the rack audio enthusiast who just wants to switch and play. Connect it all up once and then forget it.

The iplus has extensive RFI and ground-loop protection built-in for a clean, no-hum experience.

The iplus is built with a rugged steel chassis and very easy-to-use front-panel controls with clearly marked rear-panel connections.

The iplus and all cables are compatible with your existing EQplus, 8 or Dual Band Equalizer, and iBox. (Prewired cable assemblies available - optional)

The iplus has very versatile audio inputs; Choose between Balanced XLR, Balanced ¼" TRS, Unbalanced ¼" TS, or 5-Pin DIN for a direct connection from your existing W2IHY products. We have thought of everything!

iplus Product Specifications

Front Panel Radio Select Switch Use a Single Box to Route your Rack or W2IHY Audio Gear Output to Multiple Radios, Amplifier, and Speaker System.

iplus technology allows routing of your external Rack or W2IHY audio to 3 radios. No more disconnecting and reconnecting your rack to separate radios. Just select your radio and play!

Separate level controls for each radio. Set it and forget it.

MAJOR FEATURE: RCA linear keying inputs from 3 radios. Select your radio, and your amplifier is connected and ready for that radio!

MAJOR FEATURE: RCA stereo audio inputs allow you to use 1 stereo or mono speaker system for all of your radio’s receiver audio.

MAJOR FEATURE: Combination XLR / ¼" TRS audio input or 5-pin DIN audio input for total flexibility and compatibility with your balanced XLR, ¼" TRS, ¼" TS, or existing W2IHY cables.

MAJOR FEATURE: Audio Phase Reversal for proper AM audio asymmetry. A must for maximum AM modulation and quality!

2 iplus units may be connected together to control up to 5 radios!

Comes with an erasable marker for labeling the 3-position radio switch

Switches input audio from a single source to up to 3 radios
Switches PTT line for TX/RX control of selected radio
Switches radio speaker audio from 3 radios to one set of mono or stereo speakers
Accepts amplifier keying from 3 radios to key a linear amplifier
Invert Phase Switch

Reverses the phase of the audio output 180 degrees for proper AM modulation asymmetry
Output Level Controls

Individual output level control for the radio selected
Set precise drive level to each radio
Allows mic level up to line level output to your transceiver

Audio Input Connectors (Line Level and Isolated)

Combined XLR receptacle and ¼" TRS phone jack that supports balanced and unbalanced inputs
DIN (Aux Input) for connection of W2IHY audio products
¼" TRS phone connection is compatible with iBox output
PTT Input (RCA)

Adds “push to talk" control with foot switch, hand switch, etc
Three Audio Output Ports (5-pin DIN)

Interface up to 3 radios (6 radios with additional iplus)
Front panel port/radio selector switch
Low-Z balanced and unbalanced outputs
5 Pin DIN connectors with wiring compatible with other W2IHY products
Prewired cable assemblies available (optional)
Speaker audio switched from 3 radios to a single speaker system

RCA inputs and outputs
Stereo inputs and outputs supported
Speaker grounds isolated
Prewired cable assemblies available (optional)
Linear amplifier keying controlled from 3 radios with a single connection to the linear amplifier

RCA inputs and output
Supports active and passive keying from radios
Prewired cable assemblies available (optional)
Separate iplus Chassis Ground Available

Dimensions – 9" W x 3" H x 5.5" D (Including Feet and RCA’s).

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