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Heil headsets and microphones
Heil RC-22 wireless capsule for PR22
Heil RC-22 wireless capsule for PR22
Heil headsets and microphones
Heil RC-22 wireless capsule for PR22
£259.96 (£216.63 exc. VAT)
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Product code:RC-22
Brand:Heil headsets and microphones

The RC 22 contains the dynamic element of the PR 22 producing much better articulation with high rejection from the sides and rear. .

The Heil replacement capsules are interchangeable with any of the screw on type hand held transmitters that receive a 31.3mm/pitch 1.0mm. Some hand held transmitters have a .035 inch hexagonal-head set screw to secure the microphone capsule. If your transmitter has that, loosen the set screw in the handle of the microphone-transmitter before attempting to unscrew the original capsule..

Holding the bottom of the transmitter simply unscrew the original capsule turning it counterclockwise. Carefully remove. The three conductor contact board disconnects the contacts. Avoid touching or damaging the gold plated contacts on the transmitter or the contact board. .

Screw yourHeil RC Capsule onto the transmitter handle and tighten. .

The Heil RC 22 replacement capsule comes to you with three screens. They are all acoustically identical but give you a choice of the 'look' of yourHeil microphone capsule. Black, nickle or Gold - your choice. .

This is a product of Heil Sound, Ltd. Microphones utilizing a Heil replacement capsule are subject to performance variations from the original product. This product has not been endorsed or approved by the original manufacturer and the product may not fall within the original manufacturer's warranty. Shure and Quietspot are registered trademarks of Shure Incorporated. Heil Sound, Ltd. is not affiliated with or authorized by Shure Incorporated..